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Hope Huang
Compliance / QA / Legal2019.05.20 Join
Hope Huang

Since I joined CPT last year, I’ve felt very lucky and thankful for the opportunity to step into the field that I have been always interested in.

CPT provides great welfare. It always encourages employees to participate in learning and development training courses, such as weekly English and Japanese courses and other external training resources. In addition, the company holds many interesting and meaningful activities, such as tree planting, fat-reduction contest, monthly donation of invoices and changes. I really admire that CPT is dedicated to contributing back to the society.

CPT always encourages innovation and keeps optimizing work procedures, respecting the ideas and career plans of individuals. Thus, I can strike a balance between work and family. Our company not only insists complying with regulations, but also lets employees feel the warmth. Colleagues share their daily life as close friends, and supervisors are amiable and open to discussions. My family and I believe that CPT is the best company that I’ve worked for. I hope to improve my expertise and contribute to the company.

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Tom Nieh


2018.03.26 Join

Tom Nieh

I was fortunate to have had the opportunity to join such a warm family, CPT, after finishing my graduate school and military service. It has been 4 years since I joined CPT. I really appreciate managers in CPT for guiding and taking care of me with patience. As a member of Sales Team before, I have grown a lot from academic aspects, marketing interactions, cold calling, and experience of organizing various events. Last year, I had transferred to Marketing from Sales Department. To fulfill “Patient Centric”, it’s really a pleasure to let the right patients use the best medicine in CPT. Besides, our company provides a comprehensive employee training system and lots of external training courses, which allows me to improve my professional skills and other abilities! 2019-2021, CPT won HR Asia Award: Best Companies to Work for. Another indicator for proving CPT a good company is that there is continuous good news of the new babies delivered from our colleagues. It is also worth mentioning that CPT offers complete physical examination yearly, annual leaves better than the Labor Law, holiday bonus, group insurance, and the most expected event of the oversea incentive trip! Moreover, CPT is always enthusiastic about charity. We run programs such as regularly beach cleanup, cycling events with CSR, tree planting and removal of exotic species, and so forth. These activities also enhance the internal cohesion of colleagues as well as contribute to the social responsibility. I hope to grow with the company in the future and do my best for the company, the patients and the society!

Mica Kuo

Finance and Accounting

2012.06.18 Join

Mica Kuo

I was so lucky to join Chugai Pharma Taiwan seven years ago. Chugai is a warm company and never disobey any regulations. Chugai not only makes effort to earning profits, but also takes care of every employee. During I work for Chugai, I got married and had two babies. I am so happy that I can handle both my work and my family. Chugai provides a friendly environment for every employee, especially for breast feeding mothers, and tries to meet everyone’s needs. There is a job rotation every two years in Financial Department. Different positons can always give me all kinds of challenge, and let me learn a lot of new knowledge. In order to get off work on time, Financial Department is devoted to process improving continuously and working efficiently. I truly appreciate for Chugai, and I treasure every day in Chugai!