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President Message
President-Takashi Okamoto

The Mission of Chugai Pharma Taiwan is to develop and deliver innovative drugs, that have been created by Chugai Pharmaceutical in Japan, to the patients awaiting the treatment in Taiwan as early as possible.
Our focus is always on "Unmet Medical Needs (*)". We are strongly committed to contributing to the health and well-being of the Taiwanese people by providing innovative products, solutions, and services to the medical community.
(*) Unmet Medical Needs: medical needs that have not yet been met, and whose treatment is not adequately addressed by currently available therapy.

Chugai always pursue medical superb with patient-centric principle. In Taiwan, oncology, cardiovascular diseases, blood disease, bone and joint diseases, and autoimmune central nervous system inflammatory disease are positioned as strategic areas where we will accelerate introduction of new products into Taiwan.

We are dedicated to succeed as a pharmaceutical industry leader. Our mission as a member of Chugai Group is to deliver exceptional value to stakeholders including patients, their families, and medical professionals through the creation of innovative medical products and services. We will constantly embrace challenges in order to fulfill our mission, with all our activities firmly based on a strong ethical foundation as a company engaged in businesses related to the lives of human beings.

We appreciate your understanding and continuous support on our efforts and activities.