Principal lines of Business

As a member of Chugai Pharmaceutical, Chugai Pharma
Taiwan is dedicated to serving patients needs while providing
high quality innovative drugs in order to contribute to the Taiwan
medical environment

Latest News

1 March, 2017ReleaseCorporateCSR
Chugai Pharma Taiwan implements charity event
27 February, 2017ReleaseR&DProduct
Chugai’s ALK Inhibitor “Alecensa®” Approved in Taiwan
25 February, 2016ReleaseCorporate
Chugai Pharma Taiwan donates one-day salary to Tainan Disaster
5 February, 2016ReleaseCorporate
Office Relocation of New CPT
1 October, 2015ReleaseCorporate
Mr. Yoshimasa Saito assumes the president of Chugai Pharma Taiwan
5 September, 2015ReleaseCorporate
New CPT Kick-off Ceremony
31 July, 2015ReleaseCorporate
Merger of Chugai Pharma Taiwan and Chugai Pharma R&D Taiwan
31 July, 2015Update
Launched website of Chugai Pharma Taiwan

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