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2022.04.25 Charity

World Hemophilia Day: Thousands of Fans Light up Basketball Stadium in Support of Hemophiliacs

On April 17, World Hemophilia Day this year, the Taiwan Society of Thrombosis and Hemostasis, the Hemophilia Association of Taiwan (HAT), Chugai Pharma Taiwan (CPT), and the New Taipei Kings basketball team jointly invited hemophiliacs to enjoy an exciting basketball game. The event hopes to raise public awareness and positive recognition of hemophilia through appeals to the general public and provide more encouragement and support.

Let's light up "Red" Xinzhuang Basketball Stadium, cheer our players on, and stand in solidarity with hemophiliacs!

On the day of the event, the home team, the New Taipei Kings, called for thousands of its fans to enter the stadium, pick up and light up red glow sticks, which symbolize hemophilia, and illuminate the entire Xinzhuang Stadium, evoking love and care to become the most resonating spirit and atmosphere of the day. This event was also a valuable opportunity for more people to get to know hemophilia, thus empowering hemophiliacs with more strength and support to face the disease.

From left are James Mao, General Manager of New Taipei Kings, Rui-Qin Chou, Chairman of Board of Directors of the HAT, Rong-Hua Chen, President of CPT, and Yuki Ohashi, Deputy General Manager of CPT.
From left are James Mao, General Manager of New Taipei Kings, Rui-Qin Chou, Chairman of Board of Directors of the HAT, Rong-Hua Chen, President of CPT, and Yuki Ohashi, Deputy General Manager of CPT.

In the past, medical treatments have limited the lives and the pursuit of dreams for hemophiliacs. Fortunately, with advancements in medical science, hemophiliacs now have the opportunity to compete with others on the court. During the halftime event, CPT, in support of World Hemophilia Day, teamed up its employees with hemophiliacs to complete a game of dribbling a ball while crossing a signboard and shooting the ball. The signboard displayed the hurdles that hemophiliacs face in the treatment process. Through this event, it is hoped that the combined strengths of all can help hemophiliacs overcome the "difficulty of medication delivery", "difficulty of medication frequency," and "difficulty of limitations in daily life".
To encourage hemophiliacs to break free from the limitations of the disease and pursue their dreams, CPT invited James Mao (毛加恩), General Manager of New Taipei Kings, to complete a basketball challenge on behalf of the hemophiliacs. The event reached its climax when the moment the "Dream Ball", worth NT$200,000, swished into the net. The Dream Ball will be donated to the Hemophilia Association of Taiwan as a fund for future medical education activities.

Utilization of Comprehensive Health Care: Doctor Hopes Future Life of Hemophiliacs to Reach "Three Zeroes"

Professor Ming-Ching Shen (沈銘鏡), Honorary Chairman of the Taiwan Society of Thrombosis and Hemostasis and Father of Hemophiliac, explained that hemophilia is a congenital disease. Most patients are male and require lifelong treatment with anticoagulant drugs. Patients often suffer from joint problems due to chronic and recurrent bleeding, and in severe cases, may suffer from poor mobility. This year's World Hemophilia Day theme revolves around "Comprehensive Health Care, Abundant Health Resources", which seeks to continue integrating all departments of hospitals to provide comprehensive care for hemophiliacs so that more patients can receive equitable care and treatment, with the goal of comprehensive medical treatment. It is hoped that in the future, hemophilia treatment can reach "zero bleeding", "zero complications," and "zero difference with normal people" as soon as possible, and that patients can learn to take care of themselves to build a brighter life ahead.

Jointly Creating a Positive Cycle for a New Future Through World Hemophilia Day

"We were particularly touched to see the passionate participation of hemophiliacs in the game today. Every smile is priceless for us," said Rong-Hua Chen (陳榮華), President of CPT. This is the second year that CPT has supported World Hemophilia Day through a sporting event. In the future, the company will continue to create and innovate medical products and services to meet the challenge of providing patients with drugs that better meet their treatment needs.
Rui-Qin Chou (周瑞欽), Chairman of the Board of Directors of the Hemophilia Association of Taiwan, expressed his gratitude to the Taiwan Society of Thrombosis and Hemostasis, CPT and the New Taipei Kings for their support of hemophiliacs, so that fans watching the game, whether in person or online, could learn about the disease on April 17 and jointly care and encourage hemophiliacs. Chou also pointed out that hemophiliacs are looking forward to the inclusion of more convenient and long-lasting medications into the National Health Insurance in the future to improve the effectiveness of treatment, reduce the risk of bleeding, and return to normal life and contribute to society.
Extracted from Healthnews 2022-04-21 press release on Official Website