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2023.10.04 Sustainability

As a Guardian of Nature's Splendor, Chugai Pharma Taiwan Holds BlueMagpie Tea Eco-Farm Family Day

Chugai Pharma Taiwan, in collaboration with the local brand "Taiwan BlueMagpie Tea", has sponsored a organic BlueMagpie Tea Garden this year, aiming at assisting tea farmers in growing pesticide-free tea leaves, transforming Pinglin into an ecological village, ensuring safer water supply sourced from Feicui Reservoir to the Greater Taipei Area, while also supporting tea farmers in their livelihoods, to protect food safety, the environment, and our cherished blue magpies.

Aside from sponsoring organic tea plantations, Chugai Pharma Taiwan organized a 'BlueMagpie Tea Eco-Farm Family Day' on September 16th in Pinglin, New Taipei City. On that day, employees and their children, dressed in embroidered aprons and straw hats, were led by local tea farmers in personally harvesting tea leaves, and got a hands-on experience in “manual tea kneading and traditional tea frying” over gentle heat in an iron cauldron, immersing themselves in the authentic aroma of tea. This event showcased Chugai Pharma Taiwan's concern for the nature. Employees brought back the tea leaves they harvested and processed that day to share with friends and family, encouraging more people to join environmental restoration efforts.

Later that afternoon, the event organizer orchestrated an "Ecological Tea Appreciation Seminar" and a "Nature Exploration and Landscape Tour", to provide insights into tea varieties, local geography, and the art of tea-making, allowing employees and their families to savor the natural aromas of Beishi Creek, embarking on a delightful journey of taste. In the following ecological tour, participants immersed themselves in village life, gaining a profound understanding and appreciation of the beautiful natural environment and wildlife, while nurturing the children's awareness of caring for the Earth.

In recent years, Taiwan has seen many food safety incidents, making food safety a critical concern. Chugai Pharma Taiwan assists tea farmers in adopting "pesticide-free and environmentally friendly" farming methods to produce organic tea leaves that are free from food safety worries. This ensures that consumers can have greater peace of mind regarding their food and health. Pesticide-free watershed areas are the true homes of biodiversity, and Chugai Pharma Taiwan is taking actions to protect blue magpies and their habitat, supporting watershed restoration efforts in the Pinglin region, and preserving the natural landscape.

2023 Chugai Pharma Taiwan Holds BlueMagpie Tea Eco-Farm Family Day