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Fiona Chen
Sales2010.07.12 Join
Fiona Chen

In daily market operations, people usually ask me, "How is your company?" And my usual answer is "Our company has a harmonious work atmosphere and the employees are close to each other."

When choosing a job, everyone inevitably evaluates products and employee benefits. However, employees who join Chugai Pharma Taiwan don’t need to worry too much because the corporate mission is "Patient Centric." When a company puts the patient in the first priority, then the quality of drugs are definitely not a problem. Therefore, whenever someone asks me about Chugai Pharma Taiwan, I will generously share that we have a good relationship and team cohesiveness.

What impressed me was that our company arranged a training course at the Fullon Hotel Tamsui Fishermen's Wharf a few years ago. The teacher said, “I have served as a lecturer for so many manufacturers, including technology industry and pharmaceutical industry. No matter which company it is, it has never been as friendly as your company. Although colleagues in company are in competitive relationship, you are willing to help each other pass the test.” I thought the teacher’s main idea is "Brothers climb the mountain, they work hard themselves. Whoever reaches the summit of mountain first, he will win.” Most companies hold this concept inside. However, in CPT, if we can help our colleagues on the way, then we could enjoy the beautiful scenery together. It is better than we achieve alone.

Finally, it is worth mentioning that our company is willing to give young people opportunities to grow and thrive, and also give senior employees room for growth and progress. The old and new generations support each other and pass on experience so that we can continue to use better medicines to help patients in need.

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Sophy Hong

Administration / HR / Legal

2014.03.24 Join

Sophy Hong

Recall that I joined Chugai Pharma R&D Taiwan with only 9 employees, then the company merged to become Chugai Pharma Taiwan with 73 employees on 31st Jul, 2015, Chugai always has the spirit of caring employees. It is really lucky that I could join the big warm family! Happiness Enterprise with CSR I think it’s undoubtable that Chugai Pharma Taiwan is well represented ‘Happiness Enterprise’ since CPT provides physical examination yearly, annual leaves better than the Labor Law, 10 days paid sick leave, Holiday Bonus, and Group insurance. It is even more terrific that we have oversea incentive trip with full pay every year, domestic beach cleanup, biking with CSR, and the unprecedented prize of year-end party! The company with such great welfare and attention to CSR is really out of the way in the industry! Training In addition to the full subsidy for external training, the company also arranges internal courses. We have not only comprehensive new hire orientation and continuous product training but common courses such as hard skill (MS office), soft skill (7 habits, 5 choices etc.) to keep enhancing competencies. Besides, CPT offers English/Japanese classes at our office every week and much more leadership and management training programs for Manager Levels. Take this opportunity, I would like to show my appreciation for everything I’ve got from Chugai. In the future, I will constantly enrich my capability and do my best in Chugai.

Christine Chen


2016.05.30 Join

Christine Chen

It has been 4 years since I joined CPT. During my work time here, I am not only taken care of by the teammates and supervisors but glad to make a lot of good friends! CPT offers 2 to 3 times of training courses every year, such as 7 habits, 5 choices, MS office, etc. Leaders of departments also help us plan for individual career development.As a senior clinical research specialist, I am honored to be the Local Study Manager and Global Study Associate. I appreciate my manager for giving me the opportunity to learn from different domains and fields in all kinds of roles. Furthermore, it also increases my vision for project management. In addition to the holiday bonus, complete physical examination, regular company gathering as well as rich prizes of year-end party, it is worth mentioning that CPT provides fully-paid oversea incentive trip every year, beach cleanup, tree planting, and biking activity with CSR. Besides, "working-from-home" policy gives employees a more flexible working environment. We can genuinely feel and be touched by the goodness of CPT.