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Chugai Pharma Taiwan officially announced to rejoin "2023 TALENT, in Taiwan, Talent Sustainability Action Alliance".

Chugai Pharma Taiwan (CPT) has always focused on talent cultivation and development as a key operational development goal. In response to the ESG and DEI trends, and the emphasis on corporate social responsibility for talent around the world, CPT has officially announced to rejoin the "TALENT, in Taiwan, Talent Sustainability Action Alliance" at this critical moment.
We pledge to promote the following indicators and actions to maintain our sustainable competitiveness in the rapidly changing industry.

1. Meaning and Value: CPT continues to challenge itself and uphold its core values of "Patient Centric," "Pioneering Spirit," and "Integrity," with the vision of becoming a "top innovator for advanced and sustainable patient-centric healthcare " and aspiring to become "Top Talent’s 1st choice of pharmaceutical company."

2. Diversity and Inclusion: We encourage the recruitment of members with different backgrounds (departments/genders/expertise) to form task force teams and discuss issues from different perspectives. We also provide training for employees on diversity and inclusion concept.

3. Organizational Communication: We hold communication training courses every year to enhance employees' communication skills. We also offer internal internship program to allow employees to apply for internships in other departments, providing opportunities for diverse development and promoting cross-departmental cooperation, which contributes to the successful completion of future projects.

4. Incentives and Rewards: We establish a reasonable performance appraisal system and promotion system. We also hold meals and gatherings to reward employees' hard work. Through these activities, Managers can get closer to their employees and listen to their voices. The positive effect is that employees have a strong sense of belonging to the company and high recognition.

5. Physical and Mental Health: We offer free employee health check-ups and health lectures every year, as well as comprehensive group insurance that includes spouses and children. This enables employees to work with peace of mind. We also organize an annual bicycle island tour, which not only takes care of the physical and mental health of employees and their family members but also combines public welfare visits to social welfare foundation and the donation of supplies to society.

6. Talent Development: We provide training programs for new hires, common functional training, software application courses, coach-style leadership courses, English and Japanese classes, and fully subsidized external professional training. This not only allows each employee to perform their strengths in their job positions and enhance their sense of achievement but also assists employees in developing their careers to a higher level within the organization. We also customize individual development plans for employees at different levels, such as general employees, supervisors, mid-level Managers, and high-level Managers, with courses on functional skills, personnel management, and strategic management. Employees have a smooth promotion path, rich in-job experience, and the ability to enhance their abilities, thus providing a competitive advantage.

Next, we will continue to advocate with "CommonWealth Learning", "Cheers ", and 200+ alliance partners, working together to create a hope project for talent development, and create a better future for every employee.
TALENT, in Taiwan Website

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