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2023.11.22 Charity

Chugai Pharma Taiwan’s North Coast Charity Cycling Event to Keelung Disability Welfare Service Center

Chugai Pharma Taiwan (CPT) spares no effort in contributing to social welfare and employee well-being. Each year, they organize a charity cycling event, emphasizing the importance of work-life balance for their employees, and actively fulfilling corporate social responsibility. In 2023, from November 10 to 12, CPT hosted a three-day, two-night charity cycling event starting from Shicheng and Bitojiao, passing through Keelung, Yehliu, and Danshui along the coastline, and concluding at the Hsinchu High-Speed Rail Station, exploring various sightseeing spots along the way.

The charitable donations from CPT for this event were directed towards the "Keelung Disability Welfare Service Center." This center, operated by the Eden Social Welfare Foundation on behalf of the Keelung City Government, serves individuals aged 16 to 65 with physical and mental disabilities, as well as children aged 0 to 6 with developmental delays and disabilities. The center provides services such as daycare, full-day residential care, adult daycare, community daytime activities, and a comprehensive range of training, counseling, placement, and referral services to enhance the well-being of disabled citizens.

During the event, after an introduction sharing by the supervisor of the center and the on-site visit, the employees and their families gained a deeper understanding of its establishment and services. Mr. Takashi Okamoto, President of CPT, mentioned that one of Chugai Group goals of TOP I 2030 is to "become a role model of ESG for the world in resolving social issues." Chugai is committed to the patient centric, improving human health and well-being, and addressing societal issues. Through the annual charity cycling event, employees and their families are encouraged to actively support and pay attention to disadvantaged groups in need. The donations made by CPT included essential supplies such as nutritional supplements, powdered milk, adult diapers, alcohol, and cereals, addressing the practical needs of the center.

Though the weather is not good this year, it rained heavily three days in a row, they still have completed 206 kilometers of challenge! The combination of a corporate family day with a meaningful charity event allows CPT's employees and their families to personally experience and contribute to the society. In the future, the company aims to continue caring for the disadvantaged groups, fulfilling corporate social responsibility, and hopes to inspire more partners to prioritize issues related to social welfare.

2023 CPT Charity Cycling Event