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Max Chiu
Sales2021.03.02 Join
Max Chiu

I'm very glad to join such a warm family, Chugai Pharma Taiwan (CPT)! I have been worked in CPT for more than one year, I appreciated my supervisors for giving me a lot of guidance and advice patiently, and the colleagues also helped each other selflessly to complete many activities. CPT's warm and harmonious atmosphere allows employees to work happily in a pleasant environment. At the same time, the company's welfare, talent development program, and public welfare activities are also highly recognized, which was proved by winning the "HR Asia: Best Companies to Work for in Asia award" for three years in a row.

In addition, the most impressive activity for me was the “Cycling for Charity in Yilan” in November 2021. During the three days of the heavy rain, we still braved the wind and rain to move forward together. Because we had a common goal, and we believed that we could accomplish it together! It may be very difficult for just one person, but a group of people can complete a lot of challenges.

I hope to grow and move forward together with the company and help more and more patients in the future!

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Tim Lin


2009.02.16 Join

Tim Lin

Joined Chugai Taiwan over 10 years and holding several commercial management roles in Taiwan, I was transferred to Tokyo HQ in 2022 Jun through human resource exchange mechanism for an international assignment. Over the past year , I have worked with several product lifecycle teams, involved in global business development management, new indications development planning, and collaboration with overseas subsidiaries and external business partners. In addition to product-related business, I have also participated in the planning and execution of several projects in the HQ, such as organizational enhancement planning of overseas subsidiaries, and corporate governance process improving etc. These are really precious experience to me which I could not gain when I worked in Taiwan. Chugai is a global leading research-based pharmaceutical company dedicated to innovative drug research and development for the patients in need that I am very proud to work here. Moreover, Chugai has a flexible business strategy in accelerating innovation and expanding global business which is strategic alliances with Roche. Unlike most MNC pharma companies, our organization is relatively small, and our work in product lifecycle management (from the early R&D stage to the commercial stage) often requires cross-functional cooperation, and collaboration with external business partners. Working in Chugai has many opportunities to participate and learn about all stages of value chain in pharmaceutical product development. Due to unique business strategy of Chugai, we have a flexible corporate culture, focus on innovative products, a well-established career development mechanism, and we eager to attract global talents to promote innovation. For those who want to develop career in the pharmaceutical industry, I am confident that Chugai is the best choice.

Vincent Yan

Medical / PV

2021.04.06 Join

Vincent Yan

When I was a new graduate, I used to work as a Pharmacist in hospital, and then I decided to change my career path. I was very happy to join the big family of Chugai Pharma Taiwan as Drug Safety Specialist, which started my first job in the industry. My first impression of the company's atmosphere is that the colleagues of Chugai Pharma Taiwan are cordial and friendly. They are eager to help me involve into the team and assist in cross-departmental communication. In addition, the company provides various rechargeable learning opportunities, such as weekly English and Japanese courses, internal internship program and external training opportunities, which are all good channels for continuous self-improvement! In our spare time, colleagues from different department will also go hiking together. While relaxing the body and relieve the stress, we also seize the moment to gather and chat with each other. Furthermore, I very recognize that Chugai Pharma Taiwan is committed to practicing Corporate Social Responsibility. "Cycling for Charity" held every year is one of the most impressive activities for me. The company combines cycling event in an innovative way to gather the employees together, and by visiting disadvantaged groups and donating daily necessities to give back to the society and strive for the development of social welfare.